January – Dublin, Ireland


did you know vikings once resided over Dublin?!

Dublin is a relatively small city but a bus city tour is still the best way to get the lay of the land.

things that speak to Dublin: CLOVERS, HARPS, ANYTHING GREEN!  and GUINNESS

must sees are Dublinia – to learn about viking and medieval Dublin and it’s history with England

Trinity College where you will find the Book of Kells – one of the most prized possessions of Dublin

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – named for the patron saint we celebrate every March 17 around the world.  St. Patrick baptized many a Christian here & it is said explained the Holy Trinity with a clover

and, of course, touring the Guinness factory

definitely, DEFINITELY eat and drink in many of the city’s wonderful pubs.  the price point is right on and the locals couldn’t be nicer!  my personal favorite Toners where the locals abound and you may find the owner behind the bar!!!

these tips couldn’t make your trip more authentically DUBLIN!


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