Late February – Las Vegas, Nevada

view from mix restaurant at the top of THE Hotel in Mandalay Bay

triple X & the city of excess!

things that come to mind…gambling, high rollers, strippers, clubs, VIPs, racey & sexy, Elvis & Frank

Las Vegas – Sin City!  the hotels, the restaurants, the clubs, the pools, the gambling, the shopping, the shows – where to start AND end – it’s all over the top!  find a hotel deal and stay in a great place.  check out other properties by eating in different restaurants within those other properties…so much to see! you may not need to even pay for entertainment.  walk through the Wynn and catch their version of Glee Club or take a stroll down the strip and you might catch the pirate show at Treasure Island – a personal fave of mine…ARGH! there’s great shopping everywhere and some deals to be had…but, let’s be honest – if you’re a winner – who cares! Bring on the MANOLO BLAHNIKS!!!

next time…indoor skydiving!

just in from jetsetter.com10 unexpected things to do in vegas…check it out!

and still more info from jetsetter.com33 days in vegas – more insight on hotels and adventures!


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