April 2010 ashback/flashback…Budapest, Hungary

chain bridge on the Buda side of the Danube (first bridge to connect Buda & Pest)

what happens when you are one of the last flights into Europe during a major volcano eruption and get “ashed in” Budapest for an unexpected longer period of time? a lot of adventure, tomfoolery & fun!!!

Budapest is a fascinating city that still seems very authentic.  a mix of Roman, Madyar & Turkish – among other things – Budapest is like their famous goulash…a lot going on, never the same & wonderfully delicious.

i stayed at Sofitel Hotel on Pest side of the Danube where the staff could not have been more hospitable or helpful during my extended stay.

things you should do:

  • be in search of the best goulash, of course!
  • take home some wonderful (& cheap) euro scarves & PAPRIKA – amazing Hungarian spice…delicious on almost everything!
  • take a boat cruise down the danube for a different perspective of Budapest

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