Late March – get ready Miami…here she comes – AGAIN!

on the docket:

staying – Gansevoort Miami Beach – a sweet suite booked through

eating – sra. martinez, barton g, prime 112, mr. chow – all booked through – will report back with thoughts.

surfing – AGAIN! because i want to learn – OK, OK

cabana-ing – AGAIN! because why wouldn’t you???

shopping – some usual haunts as well as in search of the oh-so-sexy sport illustrated bikinis just in the march issue.  have a lead on a good place – bikini beach on lincoln road – stay tuned.

clubbinglouis bar/lounge and set nightclub are on the agenda but this week could be tricky…ultra music festival…good or bad – i’ll letcha know!

tempting – deal i came across…ideeli miami VIP experience.  the boat cruise was the most appealing but i have to say these deals are a bit “luck of the draw”…would be fantastic to have leads on what to do any time you take a trip to a special destination.


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