bon bini – welcome to curacao!

hello down below!

on the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge 1/2 way between Punda and Otrobanda - Willemstad, Curacao

OK OK i have to confess – #1 i LOVED Curacao – an adorable dutch island in the caribbean with a diverse history & population – bring it on! #2 it’s a looong trip from the east coast & i could have used 2 more days. bottom line, you need some time – my pre-planning was a bit aggressive , most of my list i didn’t come close to tackling. having said that, i really thought Curacao to be an incredible island & cannot wait to return & discover more about it (if that’s any indicator because i’m totally going back). really the beaches are a gem & that’s where my time was spent so no regrets! it may sound ridiculous – yes…it’s an island but it’s kinda big and the infrastructure makes it a little time consuming to get from point A to point B.

here is the low down:  the people are wonderful!  very international – if you like that sort of thing.  you don’t feel like a tourist – you are out & about with the locals.

where i stayed – the Hyatt Regency – newest resort on the island (a spanking one year old) was very nice & the staff were superb – very Americanized & could accommodate any request BUT really out of the way. i stand by my choice…i had never been to Curacao & was traveling alone so a certain amount of comfort came in knowing i was staying somewhere that could accommodate my every whim. next visit i think i will consider something centrally located & in town like Avila Hotel or Kura Hulanda Hotel.

QUICK TRIP TIP – Jetsetter is having an AMAZING deal on the Hyatt in Curacao so if you are tempted to go – you should seriously consider this deal. Yahoo! also posted a deal on the caribbean this week & listed in it’s 10 best beach destinations for 2011 is none other but Cas Abao beach on Curacao – one of the beautiful beaches i visisted!  DO IT!



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2 responses to “bon bini – welcome to curacao!

  1. Geezer

    I loved it too.

  2. Judith

    A friend of mine posted this on their Facebook page … so I came here :). I used to live on the island for 10 years (recently left) and if anyone wants to asks any questions, feel free! 🙂

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