ahhh – cas abao, mundo bizarro & cafe old dutch

named one of the top 10 beaches of 2011 - cas abao

my throne at mundo bizarro

what a relaxing and wonderful day at cas abao beach – no wonder it’s one of the top beaches to see and be seen in 2011. i had the BEST pina colada there and enjoyed a local favorite – french fries with peanut sauce – tasty! if you’re interested, you can dive, snorkel, etc. here as there is a shop set up to help you along with these water sport activities. i chose to swim to the floating dock and watch the tropical fish swim all around in the crystal blue water – amazing! you can make an entire day out of visiting cas abao with the built-in snack stand, bath house, mini-outdoor spa & water sports outfitter.  after visiting this top beach destination it was going to be tough to be further impressed…

the evening festivities included a return trip to mundo bizarro for dinner this time – lobster risotto – YUM! the duck was also a huge hit – the table was raving! again, terrific atmosphere and live music! then darts around the corner at cafe old dutch.

TRIP TIP – pick up k’-pasa for the latest and greatest happenings in Curacao – it comes out weekly!


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