beautiful boka santa cruz & the blue room

boka santa cruz - awesome!

after watching cliff jumping it was time to relax! if you are looking for some R&R – boka santa cruz is a great place to stop off. c’mon…look at this picture!  who couldn’t be lulled into relaxation here? local fisherman come up onto the beach with their nets and buckets & giggling children enjoy peering in to see what they’ve caught. nice caribbean music is playing in the background for extra ambience! i think i’m in love.

lookout down below - the blue room!

post – R&R i was off for a little trek in search of topping my lovely day at cas abao beach.  luckily, i made some friends who insisted there is something very unique to Curacao that cannot be replicated just anywhere…the blue room. i agree! after a short and easy hike you reach the end of the island where it’s rocky and there are all these beautiful impressions of shells and sea life fossilized into the rock. just below is a cave that has the most incredible blue water because of the way the sunlight shines into it. a la the blue room! the sea life viewing isn’t too shabby there either. i should mention half way through the hike is another very nice beach – santu pretu – which means black sand. the blue room/cave is listed as one of the top 10 dive sites on Curacao – FYI. masha danki dushi  to my new friends for this amazing trip tip and guided tour to the blue room!

my day closed with a wonderful meal at the boathouse. very close in proximity to the Hyatt, this was the perfect place to have a delicious dinner and end my trip as i had to be up bright and early the next morning for a full day of traveling back home. the boathouse has a beautiful view over the Spanish Water bay and the marina there.  i had skewered grilled shrimp with yummy indian curry and chili garlic mayonnaise. even upon arriving close to the kitchen closing – we were greeted with friendly and accommodating staff.

my impressions of Curacao are if you have the chance – you should go. with only 200,000 visitors per year – it is still very unspoiled. on top of that, it’s very affordable and the people are so welcoming – you really feel as though you have gotten away. Ayo Curacao – i look forward to returning as soon as i can!


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