making the most of a day

something for everyone - alley's general store

after watching wills & kate make history with their now famous 2 kisses on the balcony – we headed off for an up island tour. first we had to make a pit-stop at alley’s general store in West Tisbury for some refreshments. if you have ever been to alley’s you know it is impossible to get out of there without some unintended purchases. (i’m all set with dish towels for the next couple of years!) if you have never been to alley’s – become their patron – you won’t regret it. they’ll most likely have whatever it is you need but they’ll also have something you didn’t know you HAVE TO HAVE!

beautiful lucy vincent beach

it’s still quiet on the Vineyard and since it’s technically off season you can go to many of the private town beaches with no trouble. thus – i chose the coveted lucy vincent beach in Chilmark. it was a lovely 60 degree day and a great opportunity to take in some solitude on one of the island’s prettiest beaches.

*interesting factoid…Chilmark has the highest median home value of all small towns in America. you have to be a resident or be renting in Chilmark in the high season to go to lucy vincent beach.

TRIP TIP – to make sure you can see this beauty of a beach – go visit lucy vincent in the off season like me!!!

the sign says it all

while we didn’t make it all the way up island to Aquinnah – we did make it to Menemsha! i highly recommend this to anyone visiting the island. the beach is great for kids and adults alike with an active fishing dock to one side & shallow calm waters buoyed off for swimmers. you can crab by the jetties & collect sea glass and some of the prettiest beach rocks on the island. Menemsha town beach is known as one of the best viewing spots for the sunset where spectators clap as it sets. then there’s the fish markets…


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