Martha’s Vineyard – hello old friend

the trip begins with the ferry ride

it wasn’t the smoothest ride down to woods hole (traffic) or on the ferry (white caps) but still as you leave the mainland behind you can feel your vacation beginning. i’m a big fan of the chowder on the steamship authority ferries – so all my trips to Martha’s Vineyard begin with this! after a semi-bumpy ride we made it to the other side of the sound and were off to get settled in and meet our friends for dinner at alchemy.

i have always loved alchemy – great ambiance, food & drinks. this visit didn’t let me down!

it was very quiet in Edgartown but really this isn’t such a bad thing. some shops and restaurants aren’t quite open yet and others are just starting to set up shop and hold only shortened & weekend hours for being open. nevertheless – if you are summer visitor to the island – you may like this calm before the storm. (and sales!) as always, there were a few changes to things…some places were out of business and many new places are coming into town. espresso love is about to get a run for it’s money with a couple of new bakery-type of places opening up on summer street – nothing wrong with some friendly competition i say! also, NRO (north river outfitters of boston) is setting up 3 shops – WOW! NRO, NRO for kids & the shoe cabana – all on dock street.


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