crescent city kitsch & beyond

st. louis cathedral

jackson square peddlers

if you go to New Orleans you are probably going to visit the french quarter. jackson square is a beautiful park right in the thick of it and it’s where you go to find the “fortune tellers”. OK – it may be incredibly touristy but i think it’s all in good fun – like reading your horoscope – and there aren’t too many places where you feel like that’s a part of the culture. i found a palm reader during my visit to jackson square who had nothing but nice things to say about me. i’m creative, independent & think outside of the box – PHEW! she did mention that due to my fun-seeking personality – i do have the potential to burn out. OUCH! better keep that in mind when livin’ it up.

voodoo off the square

i also felt compelled to visit some to of the voodoo shops. again – perhaps a tourist trap – but boy did my friends like their mini mojo dolls! you can’t knock a good  tchotchke!!! and – it turns out voodoo is really meant more for good than evil/getting revenge. who knew? see…it was educational for me too.

although there are several places to check out – i went to voodoo authentica where they have a variety of local practitioner-made items in the voodoo arena. they can custom make things for you as well depending upon what you are hoping to gain from the voodoo doll experience. they also do rituals & readings – ooo!


on a more serious note – i did stop by Hemline (cute clothing store @ 609 Chartres) but hit the jackpot with Violet’s @ 808 Chartres. i could have bought one of everything in Violet’s – it was THAT GREAT & the customer service was UNREAL! (back to that southern hospitality thing) one of the dresses i bought had straps that were too long and the owner literally sat down & shortened them right then and there for me. INCREDIBLE! read a NY TIMES review of Violet’s. definitely worth the stop if you are in NOLA!!!

one place i wanted to get to but ran out of time was Dirty Coast – a t-shirt store that has unique and funny NOLA tees. next time! i’ll buy one online in the meantime.

TRIP TIP – some of those souvenir stores on canal street actually do have good stuff. ie – mardi gras beads for every interest under the sun, cafe du monde beignet mix & french market coffee, pat o’briens hurricane mix & slap ya mama cajun seasoning!



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2 responses to “crescent city kitsch & beyond

  1. Tracy

    Love it Lauren!!!! Feel like I was there…and wish I could go to that dress shop!

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