Saint Barthelemy, FWI: you may be heaven on earth

bienvenue a St. Barth

dear St. Barts,

merci beaucoup for the lovely vacation! you upheld your promise of gorgeous sunshine, blue sky & water plus wonderful treats & eats. the only issue now…it’s nearly impossible not to think of you daily. do i really have to wait another full year to get back to your slice of paradise?

missing you terribly – au revoir!

xo – lola

the puddle jumper

aerial view of baie de st. jean

OK – in all seriousness, i have been a few places and there’s still A LOT of ground to cover but St. Barts does live up to it’s reputation.  i feel pretty confident i’ve found my piece of heaven.  it’s true, it can be pricey but that’s partly why it’s so nice & there are ways to do it for less. other than that – show me it’s flaws.

whether you ferry or fly – upon arrival into this little island country, you are greeted by friendly customs officers & slick magazines offering you a glimpse into what is St. Barts. SBH does an amazing job promoting itself in these sexy guides – restaurants, clubs, shops, villas, resorts, beaches, stories on locals – all within the pages. be sure to pick some or all of them up – you won’t be disappointed by the eye candy.

a few notes:

ferry vs. flying – yes, you do have a choice. i’ve never been a fan of small planes but boy was that puddle jumper fun! the ferry is from St. Martin and potentially costs half the flight but, in my opinion, it’s worth the extra money to fly.

1)you get there faster and without getting seasick

2)it’s such a great view of the island. think of it as one of your sight-seeing activities!!!

car rental – St. Barts is a very easy place to drive & in the shoulder season the cost of renting a car was virtually the same as any major US city. plus – they offer very cute cars to drive that help you enjoy the view!

nice view from my cute mini cooper!

one TRIP TIP i can impart is if you’re leaving on sunday – fill up the tank on saturday. gas stations are unattended on sundays and you need a special credit card with a smart chip in order to get gas. i learned this the hard way and had to pay the gas surcharge – oh well – cest la vie?!


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