Early June – and i’m off…to the race – Quechee, VT

yes, this year is dedicated to travels here, there and everywhere…and, yes, i claim to be a purveyor of fun…BUT this one i’m working for! is it too late to “un” register? lola – may you run like the wind (or in reality like a gentle breeze that’s faster than a 13 minute mile otherwise they won’t assist you alongside the road)!

sweet kicks - at least look the part! RUN GIRL RUN!

i’m off to run/jog the 20th anniversary of the covered bridges half marathon or CBHM. they say it’s the “best 13.1 miles in New England”. i’m ABSOLUTELY NOT trying to toot any horn here but i’ve never run a half marathon. i’ll let you know how it goes! in the meantime, read up if you like. covered bridges actual run – YIKES!

of course you can probably guess this is also wrapped around a girls weekend & why not?! shouldn’t having fun be a part of your fitness goals too? in my opinion, it’s really the only way to do it. where will your fitness goals take you this year? i say it’s the perfect opportunity to plan a “break for your body betterment” in soooo many ways. email me if you need help with ideas on planning your perfect fitness getaway or creating a list of pros on why you should JUST DO IT! that’s not NIKE’s tag line for nothin’.

adventure/fitness travel may be the next big thing read : get ready for your best fitness vacation ever – outside magazine’s 2011 travel hotlist highlights 2 fitness gurus tying together travel & exercise!

i’ll be reporting back on woodstock & quechee, vermont as well. let’s see what i can find, learn & who i meet along the way – if i’m still able to walk that is! let the race begin!

PS – at the request of some – here’s a sampling of the playlist!

Flo Rida: who dat girl?, turn around (5,4,3,2,1), where them girls at?

Chris Brown: Yeah 3X & beautiful people

Ke$ha: blow &  we r who we r



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4 responses to “Early June – and i’m off…to the race – Quechee, VT

  1. Stephen

    Good luck – you’ll do great! Can’t wait to hear your fun stories!

  2. MMS

    Awesome Lola! Good luck! I know you will do great and have fun along the way!

  3. Marion Biglan

    Congrats!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it! Was it June 5th? I was doing a tri when you were running 13.1! I love the idea of girls weekend for a race – when is ours??? Let’s find one soon! Maybe a NYC half? I’ve kind of always wanted to do one in NYC…

  4. jeanine

    Absolutely LOVED our weekend! FFS….we ROCKED! 🙂 Miss you, girl! xo

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