pre-race – Woodstock, VT

the covered bridges

i arrived in vermont the day  before the Covered Bridges Half Marathon and had a scenic drive along the route i’d be running the next morning. the funny thing about CBHM is that you run past a couple of covered bridges but only actually run through one! (the first one above on the left) it was a good idea to familiarize myself with the run & the infamous 8th mile hill!

the drive took us to the beginning of the run – suicide six ski area. next, we decided to tour around Woodstock & “carbo-load” with a local brew at Bentley’s. Bentley’s is a well known watering hole in Woodstock & guess what…we weren’t the only runners there having pre-race beers!

long trail belgian white beer - YUM!

some other finds in Woodstock were:

37 central street – an adorable clothing store where they carried a lot of a judith march designs. very cute dresses!

elliott newman – a jewelry store also located on central street that had some beautiful items made by jewelry designer – anna beck. i really loved that wide gold cuff!!

after making some new race friends at Bentley’s, we headed back to our headquarters – what i dubbed the “running gals shack” when i checked us in on facebook. (mind you, our accommodations hardly resembled a shack but were more like a chalet!) there, we met up with the rest of our posse for a pre-race girls dinner. post-dinner it was early to bed & early to rise for the race.


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