post-race – Quechee, VT

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” ~Martin Buber (my secret destination this journey was self-pride!)

cheers to us!!!

i enjoyed our free celebratory beer amongst the other racers & then it was off to get ready for a nice post-race rub down at the strong house spa in Quechee. i was treated with a deep tissue massage and i’m not sure whether it was post-run delirium or if the massage was really that good but i’m telling you it felt great – one of my best of all time. after that, all the girls showered up and got ready for a night of dinner & drinks to really toast our efforts.

celebration dinner + drinks

we had a lovely dinner at simon pearce in Quechee. the storefront at the historic mill has a beautiful restaurant inside that touts food prepared with local ingredients from community farms. if you haven’t been to the store or restaurant make a point to get there some day. WONDERFUL in every way!

our delicious dinner was followed by drinks at parker house inn – a small B&B with a fantastic bar. we all enjoyed meeting the owner – Adam – see you next year for the post-CBHM cocktails!! *side note – i was beyond thrilled that both simon pearce & parker house had my favorite drink – goslings rum! thank you so much for helping me really celebrate.

after having an incredible weekend with my friends & feeling the rush of accomplishment from completing my first half marathon now the question is where do we plan our next active adventure girlfriend getaway?

who’s up for the rock’n’roll half marathon in las vegas? for some inspiration i found world’s top 10 most incredible girlfriend getaways via got saga. many of the featured locations have events for the active & adventuresome. there are 1/2 marathons in miami, nyc & napa and if running isn’t your thing perhaps you can find a relay team sport such as a sprint triathlon to do with your posse of gal pals – aruba has one! for those with longer & more difficult (ie: full marathon) aspirations – read this article by lonely planet.

as you can see, the race is really just the catalyst & only a small part of the weekend that will become our next getaway. get to dreaming girlfriends and let me know where we are headed next!


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