planking the plunge


Leisure Dive by Thrillist

Because planking’s soooo played out

Because being “extreme” and relaxation shouldn’t only coexist next to the words “nacho cheese”, Leisure Dive’s a new rage created by a handful of friends collectively “dedicated to chilling out poolside, with a beverage, and in mid-air…and the attitude that surrounds it”, accepting submissions from anyone who “by definition…likes to jump off things and just chill”. Some successes thus far:


John, Amagansett – What, John, not willing to part with those Bluchers?


Spencer, San Diego – Ommmygod I’m so leisurely.

“SundayMorning Dive”

Michel, East Hampton – “Area Man Soaks Paper, Self”

They also sell a handful of merch, from hats, to mousepads, to aprons, because even the extreme need something to wipe their nacho cheese on.

Peep the winning pics and get some posing pointers at


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One response to “planking the plunge

  1. Stephen

    love the leisure dive, but it’s got nothing on the flying squirrel!

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