travel tunes, leisure dives and carmageddon – this week’s travel round-up

summer tunes

summertime makes many think of car windows rolled down and tunes turned up while crusin’ around. whether you are driving around town, road-tripping to your next getaway or driving a rental in a travel destination – nothing beats summer music. in summertime, it always seems there comes a perfect playlist of your fave songs that will make you reminisce about those sweet summer days and nights for the rest of the year and beyond. read the travel top 40+ is… to find out what popular travel bloggers favorite tunes are that carry them back to the places they love.

my song of the summer so far is party rock anthem – check it out!

on another note, you know how LOLA loves that gangsta rap (i ❤ u flo rida!) so when i came across Killing Batteries blog entry on the ‘world’s first gangsta travel rap album’ you know i instantly was crushin’.

gangsta rap + travel =  it’s too good to be true.

World’s first gangsta travel rap album – by Killing Batteries/Leif Pettersen

The three or four people closely following my career and composing various unauthorized biographies about me peed themselves a little recently when I quietly launched a new side project: a gangsta rapper alter ego known as ‘Righteous Culo’.

Unfortunately, I immediately lost focus and creative direction. I’m told this is common in rap, what with the distractions of groupies, booze, being a pimp and producing family comedies on TBS.

Well, I’m happy to announce that those dark, wayward days are over and Righteous Culo’s debut album is in full production. I followed the advice given to all fledgling writers and decided to drop dope rhymes about what I know. The result? The world’s first gangsta travel rap album:

“Where’s the Hostel, Motherf*cker?”

Dr. Dre begged me not to go into too much detail, but I so truly love my fans that I can’t resist posting the track list as an appetite-whetter:

1.    “Extra Spicy Kebab, S’il Vous Plaît”
2.    “I Got Bed Bugs at Yo Mama’s House”
3.    “WTF TSA?”
4.    “I’ll Put My Chaco in Yo Ass!”
5.    “Walk This Way – Or You’ll Miss the Bus, Yo”
6.    “Baby, I Don’t ‘Like’ You That Way”
7.    “It Was a Good Day to Do Laundry”
8.    “Hablas Englisho?” – Featuring Bill Bryson
9.    “A Month in Amsterdam – Parents Just Don’t Understand”
10.  “Nuthin’ But a G-String”
11.   “$25 Wi-Fi? – TripAdviser Ass Whuppin”
12.  “Dat Ain’t No Girl! (Bangkok Blues)”

Aight, I gotta go meet with my eyebrow stylist and my limp choreographer. World peace out.

planking, owling & the leisure dive

while planking is still growing in popularity and injuries (see video below via and, even still, other types of stunts such as “owling” have started trending (see blurb below via, i felt like “leisure dives” was really more LOLA’S speed. pool scene + cocktail = less risk of injury yet still silly nonsense! read planking the plunge for the full story on leisure diving by

Planking can be dangerous, even at home

…especially when you don’t lock the oven door. digg

If you’re not familiar with the game, the Wikipedia article on planking is pretty informative. It’s been described as “lazy parkour,” but has also been responsible for at least one death. This girl, I think, lands somewhere in the middle.

rooftop owling

Owling...WHO WHO would do this really?

“Owling is the new planking,” says BuzzFeed. “Owling is essentially just squatting,” admits BuzzFeed.

“We’re actually going to do this and make this a thing,” says Reddit. “We are the quirkiest quirks that ever quirked.” So far there are 50 Reddit posts about owling. Owling was invented 14 hours ago.

the 411 on carmageddon

what is carmageddon? a name that Los Angeleans have dubbed the construction project that closed the 405 Freeway this weekend – a road that carries more than 280,000 cars per day across L.A. the city closed a 10-mile section of Interstate 405, starting at 7 p.m. Friday and plans to reopen it at 6 a.m. Monday.

it has been quite the buzz over the past several days and interestingly enough has NOT been as catastrophic as it was first thought to be.  here’s a video depicting the peace & quiet that was the side effect of carmageddon/karmageddon via Mashable by Ross Ching.

more interesting, however, is carmageddon provoked JetBlue to offer a $4 fare to fly from Burbank to Long Beach (12 minute flight and shortest in JetBlue’s history). who couldn’t love that cheeky JetBlue??

but what’s even more fun…the biking group Wolfpack Hustle challenged JetBlue to a race to see who could get 38 miles door to door faster – man on a bike or man on a plane? and, of course, JetBlue took them up on the challenge.  who won? read it’s a bird, it’s a JetBlue plane, it’s (huh?) cyclists Wolfpack Hustle!


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