i CAN’T believe i’m typing this – what to do when you’re on staycation?

TRAVEL IS: an addiction that no pill will cure. Only another adventure can scratch that itch. ~ JD Andrews

WHAT? –  you’re thinking – staycation for LOLA?? maybe you were already on to me.  my recent posts have been covering funny things happening in the travel space but not me doing any of these funny things myself. cest la vie!

sailing in St. Martin

when lola cannot be on a boat in the turquoise blue Caribbean waters near a tiny spit of land sipping rum – what would be the next best thing? do all those things wherever you are girl!

i had the pleasure of floating upon the beautiful Schooner Thomas E. Lannon a couple of weeks ago. it was a GORGEOUS summer evening before the crazy heat wave with the full moon shining above the Gloucester Harbor. put together by Good Morning Gloucester, Ryan & Wood Distillers and Old Cuban Cigar Co – the Lannon cruise was a cigar and rum tasting happy hour. i throughly enjoyed it as lola just loves her island rum especially from the viewpoint of a boat looking back to the shoreline. while i didn’t partake in the cigars they sure did smell good and it was interesting to learn more about the cigar business. Old Cuban Cigar Co. owner, Paul Giacalone, who happens to be a Gloucester native was very informative and a great person to meet. Bob Ryan, of Ryan & Wood, was equally charming telling us about the rums of the various islands i love so much and filling our cups with delicious rum punch – a BIG favorite of mine.

TRIP TIP – old rum punch recipe which is a national rhyme down in parts of the Caribbean: 1 of sour 2 of sweet 3 of strong 4 of weak. (1. lime 2. simple syrup 3. folly cove rum 4. orange mango juice)

FYI the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon has daily sails from Gloucester Harbor May through October at great rates – check them out!


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  1. looks like you had a really great time and sometimes a staycation can be just as good as a trip abroad!

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