map your travels!

Oh, The Places You’ll go!

Track your travels with a handsome scratch-off-where-you’ve-been map that charts globetrotting in a fun, colorful and innovative way. Scratch off the areas you’ve visited to reveal adventurous pops of color and local facts that turn traveling into a “domestic” treasure hunt of on-the-fly geography lessons. Its brilliant colors and worldly charm is sure to enliven any room–just be sure to keep a coin handy for easy scratching!

Oh, The Places You’ll Sew!

Whether you’re backpacking across America, honeymooning in Europe or just want to keep track of all the places you’ve been, these clever stitching postcards are a fun way to keep track of your adventures and share them with others. Stitch routes you’ve taken, landmarks you’ve seen and memories you made as you travel from city to city, country to country. Or use them as unique invitations. Includes postcard, thread and needle. Sold individually as a set of 2.

OR support a cool start-up & get your favorite city tee as a souvenir by CityFabric

CityFabric needs help launching its new line of hand-screened shirts, totes, pillows and canvases.

About a year ago, a few folks decided to print maps of their hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina, on t-shirts to sell at a local arts market. Now they’re on Kickstarter as CityFabric, attempting to raise $13,000 in the next month for their project – “Wear You Live.”

The idea behind this line of apparel is to get people talking about where they live. “It’s our believe that the more people talk about their place, the more they’ll get involved in their community,” says founder Matt Tomasulo.

As of August 3rd, 2011, CityFabric is on their way to meeting their goal with 378 backers, a total of $15,207 pledged and 27 days of campaigning left. If you pledge $25 you can choose a t-shirt or tote bag, and higher pledges get bigger rewards. Right now, only 13 cities are available:

But if CityFabric hits their campaign goal, they intend on expanding and adding more cities to the list. And they offer more than shirts and totes – they’ll happily slap your hometown on a heavyweight print, a cotton-twill cloth pillow, or a hand-stretched canvas (which makes for a pretty sick wall exhibition).

Local business seeks expansion to promote local awareness – seems like a project worth backing.


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