the survey says…


i think all 3 are accurate in one way or another but if you know me at all you’ll know the survey nailed it with the #1 ‘POSHAHOLIC’ label. customized shoelaces and kicks – do they have a camera on me??



You are a Poshaholic. Embrace it. If you had your way, you’d travel in a designer rail car made just for you. You prefer the caress of a fine Italian fabric to a hug from your mom. A monogrammed shirt? That’s posh. But monogrammed shoelaces on custom kicks? That’s a Poshaholic.


The well-worn trail is no place for you. For you are the Detourist. Grandmaster of the scenic route. Champion of the diversion. You know there’s no point in going if you can’t enjoy a few stops along the way. Local pubs. Cafes tucked into a side, side street. You don’t fall for tourist traps. Because, well, you’re a Detourist.


Celebutante, wherever you travel, all eyes turn to gaze upon your entrance. Crystal clinks, applauding your stylish threads and natural grace as you glide across the concourses of life like a well-groomed cheetah. Your calm demeanor belies your insatiable appetite for good adventure. And, your charm? It could get you onto the red carpet on any continent.

what kind of traveler are you? take this traveler profile survey to find out!


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