24 hour tourist in Athens, Greece

Athens gets a bad rap. being a tourist while traveling gets a bad rap. i think neither are really all that bad!

Athens seems to sometime get negative feedback but i think the 2004 Olympics drastically changed things – a new airport, new metro and less pollution for a start. it is one cool city and is way too often underrated. granted, i had a whirlwind visit and maybe this is the perfect dose of time in Athens because i left wanting more.

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what did i do in my precious 24 hours? well, i was a tourist. many travelers are adamant that you should not be a tourist but this was my first trip to Athens so how could i not be? it would have been criminal NOT to see the Parthenon at the Acropolis. it was built in dedication to the goddess of wisdom, Athena, for whom Athens is named. it has an incredible vista well worth trekking up to see and is an activity that’s bound to bring goosebumps to the most cynical of sorts. it’s similar to trying to describe what the Grand Canyon is like to someone who has never been. words and pictures do not do it justice. it’s an absolute must-see if you ever have the chance. after all, it’s where Democracy and Western civilization were born. i also sampled the most touristy of foods – gyros and Greek spirits – mythos & alpha beer and ouzo. it would have been shameful to my taste buds and appetite to have done anything differently.  just see for yourself – could you resist? and you know what? I’D DO IT ALL AGAIN!


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  1. No shame being a tourist! That’s a lot of pretense on others’ behalf to look down on tourists. Of course, you had to be one in the 24 hrs you had!!!

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