i love you, Miami

hello my beauty

WHY DO I LOVE MIAMI? there are so many reasons. sure, it’s a fun in the sun kind of place. that, and it’s a short flight to what seems drastically DIFFERENT from where i live. it’s a lot WARMER most of the time & it’s beaches are much PRETTIER all of the time. i completely adore the INTERNATIONAL vibe and the people watching is truly FANTASTIC. i love THE SCENE – the beach scene, the pool scene, the shopping scene! and the overall attitude of being HAPPY and LAID BACK. then there’s the food, cocktails & music which are all DIVINE. the list goes on & on…

but this is why i really LOVE Miami.

it’s a place where-

people drive awesome PINK cars

it’s a place where-

it's okay to lounge on FUR throws in public

or snuggle up and declare you're HOME

it’s a place where-

it's not the least bit odd to don a PINK BOA on the beach

it’s a place where-

even the nightlife is enjoyed OUTSIDE

it’s a place where-

it's easy to make NEW FRIENDS who will dance with you despite your ridiculous DANCE MOVES

it’s a place where-

i feel very comfortable in my OWN skin

I LOVE YOU, MIAMI! and i love that you love me right back!



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2 responses to “i love you, Miami

  1. Leslie Buteyn

    Oh, this makes me miss you so much. Looks like an awesome trip!

  2. meggie h.

    sunny beaches, pink cars and fur throws – yep, what’s not to love? xoxo

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