mission vegas accomplished

Team GoldieRox crossing the finish line at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Strip at Night 1/2 Marathon.


 Despite a few obstacles:

  1. 3 hour time difference
  2. 2 days of cocktails leading up to the race
  3. 4am bedtime 2 nights in a row
  4. 40 degree weather
  5. 13.1 miles ran in the dark around 44,000 people crowding the strip

We did it, ladies and WE ROCKED IT!



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6 responses to “mission vegas accomplished

  1. Esther Vanier

    Thanks Lola! You made the weekend with all your great hotel, restaurant, and nightlife suggestions. Wouldn’t/Couldn’t have done it you! XOXO

  2. Once again, Lola, you brought us to some cool places! And ran a really fun race with me! Can’t wait until the next adventure!! SoBe!

  3. Marion Biglan

    This is so awesome & I want to go with ya’ll next year & do the night-time half!!! Congrats! Totally agree about the hard-earned medal being best bling of all. Nothing like crossing that finish line and getting the medal. If only I could keep Maggie from stealing all of them to play with!

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