out with the old – in with the new!


sugar & spice make all things nice!

last year little lola got the dream house.

it's fab but a little much for little lola

this year she gave up her mcmansion (who needs to be tied down to that much house anyway?) and traded it for the glam vacation house because really all little lola wants is to travel to far-flung destinations just like lola IRL (in real life)!

so much more practical - who wouldn't want to vacay here?

last year lola IRL had a big black suitcase. this year lola has a bright pink little bag!

looks like candy - it's so cute!

last year little lola got a sweet little pink hot rod.

looking good little lola

this year lola IRL wants this big cool caddy BAD!!

best car evahhh

last year little lola traveled with lola IRL to Miami, Curacao & completed her first half marathon in Vermont.

little lola in miami

little lola in curacao

little lola in vermont

dreaming of my next escape!

this year where will little lola go??? i guess we’ll have to wait and see.

may you have your cookie & eat it too!!!

here’s hoping it’s a year filled with sweetness and adventure!


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