Cosmopolitan, LV: let’s be monogamous

i know what you’re thinking…monogamy in Vegas?  this cannot be a popular word in “sin city” but after my stay with the Cosmopolitan i now can confidently say i can be monogamous…with them!

the gorgeous chandelier at Cosmopolitan

honestly, i get kind of freaked out by Vegas.  it’s dark & smokey. everything directs you down winding paths that makes you feel like you are walking in circles through the casinos and shops. there’s no quick escape and while i’m betting there’s good money-making reasons for this it can make one can start to feel confused, trapped & claustrophobic (a little issue of mine). on top of all that, i don’t gamble or take in shows. so why do i go to Vegas, you are wondering?? for the food, cocktails & fun, of course! BUT MOST OF ALL because it is such a scene and some of the best people watching i’ve ever partaken in!

Vegas is an adult play ground – everybody’s heard that! it’s over the top. there’s Paris, there’s Italy, there’s Egypt & New York. whatever you want – it’s there for the taking. this is part of why i’m guessing monogamy isn’t a word commonly thrown around.  ya know…with all that “what happens in vegas, stays in vegas” and “know the code” business. it’s a wild & weird place – that’s for sure.

yummy cosmopolitan

but despite all this i have found somewhere simply wonderful! i prefer the understated, the cool, the clean, the classic yet with a dash of unexpected sassiness…the Cosmopolitan.  i mean, c’mon who couldn’t love a place that’s tagline is “the right amount of wrong”.  if you ask me, though, there is nothing wrong but only the very right at the Cosmopolitan.

showing off their fab flair - one of the funky giant shoes scattered about the Cosmopolitan

so, as unpopular as it may be, i can safely have a monogamous relationship in Vegas despite all of the other shenanigans.  i could have stayed all day and night in this one property and would have been perfectly happy! i felt safe. thank you, COSMOPOLITAN. you are the one for me and i am prepared to solely commit to you! every time i come to Vegas, i promise to only sleep with you!



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7 responses to “Cosmopolitan, LV: let’s be monogamous

  1. what a wonderful post, thank u soo much…god bless you dear and plz keep posting

  2. Totally agree Lola. As a Vegas first-timer (no more Virgin status) I feel lucky to have found my hotel soul mate. Thank you!

  3. Lara Wosepka


    Great Review and Soooo true! You are my favorite travel writer!

  4. We just got back from Vegas also, and I thought the inside of the Cosmopolitan was cool, but my wife was in love. Pretty sure I know where we are staying next visit…

  5. Any place that has a giant shoe is a place I need to visit.

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