7 must take travel items

okay…i have to confess that this was not my idea just my answer to travel all-star Iain Mallory’s question. nevertheless, it was fun to play along! here’s how it unfolds…

Monday – Iain asks:

Not sure the ten word stuff is really testing you enough so going to cut it to the ‘Lucky 7’ 🙂 First one up is – Seven must take items on any trip?

Looking forward to some great travel gear tips here!

1)iPhone 2)lipgloss 3)comfy shoes 4)great accessories 5)wrap 6)money 7)flirting skills(this is Lola afterall) 🙂
Lol at great accessories Lauren bit slippery with that one, and even more LOL at flirting skills, that must be a huge suitcase 😉

Tuesday – Lola begins packing & shows her 7 essential items:

pictured here are 1)iPhone 2)lipgloss 3)comfy shoes 4)wrap 5)fab accessories 6)cash

Lauren DiMarco (@LolaDiMarco)
Starting to pack for #TexasTweetup @MalloryOnTravel here are 6 of my essentials I’m packing! cc:@L_e_a_h
Iain Mallory (@MalloryOnTravel)
@LolaDiMarco @L_e_a_h lol cool but what’s the essential photo in the middle, partially hidden under the scarf?#texastweetup
Lauren DiMarco (@LolaDiMarco)
@MalloryOnTravel @l_e_a_h my iPhone! best part #7my flirty face! Will it work on the cowboys, i wonder? #TexasTweetup

must travel item #7

Lauren DiMarco (@LolaDiMarco)
@MalloryOnTravel @l_e_a_h it’s photo evidence from your FB question yesterday!!! #TexasTweetup is gonna be honky tonky hoedown blast!
Leah Travels
@L_e_a_hLeah Travels
@LolaDiMarco @malloryontravel I love those baubles. I would say they are essential, along with the boa, to capture a cowboy’s eye. 🙂
Iain Mallory
@MalloryOnTravel Iain Mallory
@L_e_a_h @LolaDiMarco cowboys like boas? and yeah think you might need more than $100 to get in worthwhile trouble 😉
Leah Travels
@L_e_a_h Leah Travels
@MalloryOnTravel @LolaDiMarco Cowboys, like primates and racoons, like shiny things. Boas count in that category. #TexasTweetup
Iain Mallory
@MalloryOnTravel Iain Mallory

@LolaDiMarco @l_e_a_h this is beginning to sound like a fishing expedition, cowboys caught hook, line & sinker! #TexasTweetup

love these silly little conversations! one thing is for sure, my 7 must take items are always ready to go on the next adventure!



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2 responses to “7 must take travel items

  1. Laughing at this! Too bad Ian isn’t joining us for the #TexasTweetup. 😦

  2. I wouldn’t want to cramp the ladies style around those cowboys 🙂 but yeah great shame

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