announcing: lola’s 5 W’s of 2012

where in the world is lola off to now?


lola, of course!



late august into september 2012




  • to help others who are less fortunate to have a better life.
  • to go somewhere i’ve never been and immerse myself in another culture.
  • to make new friends.
  • to learn from the challenges and triumphs of this journey.
  • to share with friends and family my life changing experience.
  • to go on to possibly organize a build of my own through Habitat for Humanity in the future.
First Steps

international vaccinations card

pain before the traveling pleasure

i need to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity and would LOVE your input if you have any great fundraising ideas to share!

*calendar from & map from



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4 responses to “announcing: lola’s 5 W’s of 2012

  1. It is a pleasure for me to have you coming along on this life changing adventure. You will love every minute of it, even the heat, humidity and hard work will be worth it to see the difference we make for a family.

    As far as fundraising goes, flood the social media scene with links to your page. I used a facebook group for Argentina and raise 1000 in under a month. Just annoyed my mates so much they donated to shut me up..haha

    Look forward to meeting you soon 🙂
    Mitch aka @Mackinnontweets

  2. I love that you’re doing this. If you get your own build, I’ll be there with my tool belt on.

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