terms of endearment Texas style

a warm welcome from Austin

you may have heard the phrase “keep Austin weird” and i’m sure there are several reasons for this city tag line. for me, the “weirdest” thing i encountered during my visit to Austin was how incredibly friendly and endearing all the people were to me. literally, within 3 hours of being there i was referred to as “sweetheart, darlin’ & hon”. if you don’t know this about me or couldn’t guess…i REALLY like to be sweet-talked to!

the bartender behind me gave me my first Austin "sweetheart"!

needless to say, i was in heaven in Austin. people were especially smiley and some even went out of their way to compliment me in one way or another. for example, at one of the restaurants where we had dinner, a gaggle of girls that were busy chatting up a storm with each other made a point to let me know how much they liked my outfit. are you kidding me?? women complimenting other women…practically unheard of!! HOW NICE! another example was when a man struck up a conversation with me to say that it takes a lot of confidence to pull off pink boots and i was doing it well. talk about an ego boost!

if you’re ever feeling a bit low and unloved, i recommend you visit Austin, Texas ASAP to get a Texas-sized dose of compliments and terms of endearment.

thanks again Austin!

SWAK – lola


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