Deep in the Heart of Texas – Salt Lick BBQ

lauren's spicy sauce, indeed!

located just 25 south of Austin, Texas is a town called Driftwood. i think the only reason people reside there or travel through is to get their hands on the BEST BBQ EVER!!! (and this is reason enough) as i said in my earlier Austin, Texas post – DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF out of having an amazing culinary experience at SALT LICK BBQ! and that’s not even all they have to offer. here’s what else:

a scenic property

isn't it lovely?!

meat meat meat

can almost taste the mesquite just looking at this

personalized sauce

just kidding - they ONLY did it for ME (haha)

beer by the bucket

none other than TX shiner beer

wine tasting while you wait

$5 for five samples - pretty tasty deal, no?!

fun & clever t-shirts

can you guess which one i like best?

satisfied customers

everything is BIG & the BBQ is the best in TEXAS

ps-photo credit…salt lick for the property pic, kirk coleman for the bbq & beer pics, leah for the big bus & raul for the rockin pic of me with my spicy sauce – nice shots!!


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One response to “Deep in the Heart of Texas – Salt Lick BBQ

  1. rapav

    Hey, and yours truly for that pic of you holding up your sauce! 🙂

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