a Texan cinderella story

howdy lola-rella

once upon a time there was a lovely lady named lola who was living in Massachusetts but really she was Texan at heart. she was sassy, fun-loving & flirty and loved to travel.

miles away, in Austin, Texas, was a magical destiny waiting for lola. and, NO, it wasn’t a cute cowboy prince charming.

lola's palace - the capitol of TEXAS

little did lola know that her bird friends had transformed an old vintage pair of boots into the perfect thing lola just had to have.

how ever did they do it?

enter lola’s Fairy Gold American Express card to wave its magic wand and turn the pumpkin into an airplane to take her to Austin and find her destiny.

i adore you fairy gold american express! you make ALL my dreams come true

this turned into JetBlue flight #1263!

once there, the Fairy Gold American Express card led lola to a little store on South Congress – Off The Wall. then, the most magical thing happened! that Fairy Gold American Express card turned lola’s old english-style riding boots into the most beautiful pair of pink cowboy boots any girl has ever seen. “oh, how happy I am” lola said to herself.

old boring boots

unfortunately, there was just one “stroke of midnight” catch…Off The Wall only had ONE pair of these boots and they were ONE size too small for lola. could you imagine the disappointment?! would she be able to squeeze her foot into that tiny boot? as one wise boot saleswoman said to lola, “for the right boot, you can make your foot fit“.

couldn't you just die!

guess what? it was true – lola slipped on those tiny boots! she had found her true love!

a blissful union!

and they lived happily ever after!


*beautiful capitol pic is by mr. kirk coleman



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7 responses to “a Texan cinderella story

  1. Hahahaha! Perfect! Could you please send your Fairy Gold American Express card to El Paso to have Rocketbuster whip me up a pair of custom-made cowboy boots?

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots!

  3. I love the Cinderella references! I’m still grinning after reading this!

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