why i heart to pack

the boa is going international this week! look out France & Monaco!!

Française de Barbie

even though these destinations sound glitzy (and they are) i love to pack even if it’s just to go overnight to New Hampshire. a getaway is often an excuse to wear a fun outfit that isn’t a part of my everyday life. when i start to pack for my escape it affords me the opportunity to daydream about what i’ll be seeing, learning, eating, drinking, meeting, buying – you get the idea. to me, it’s a big part of the process of the actual vacation. i truly enjoy it!

i’m not quite sure what all i’ll be up to this getaway. there will be delicious meals and fantastic wines consumed, that’s for sure! AND lola definitely needs her own beret! do we think France & Monaco are ready for my cowboy boots, bikini, beret & boa?! i will be reporting back to let you know how lola was received & what was discovered.  in the meantime, back to packing…



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2 responses to “why i heart to pack

  1. I don’t think the whole of Europe is ready for Lola.

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