#TexasTweetUp: getting social & making new friends

welcome to Texas

a small idea and few people – all whom have common passion in travel – led to a BIG plan to meet up/tweet up in Austin, Texas a few weeks ago.  the result (besides lots of great food, drinks & fun) is friendships that we’ll have for some time to come.

it all started with Twitter and travel chats that led to the VERY social, savvy and social media embracing – Four Seasons Austin – who helped us to organize a happy hour to meet other social media & travel blogger types during our weekend stay.  truly, we cannot thank you enough for supporting this little venture and your parent company, Four Seasons, should be so proud of your keen efforts.

TexasTweetUp posse

here’s a little sampling of the aftermath of our #TexasTweetUp:

@FSAustin I’m missing your rose garden today. You know they are my favorite color…HOT PINK! #Austin #Texas
@LolaDiMarco you know you’re welcome back ANY time 🙂

how lovely, FSAustin! thank you, i’ll be back!

Leah Travels (@L_e_a_h)
#Texas & I will miss @loladimarco. The Lone Star State isn’t nearly as fun w/ her not here. @FSAustin #TexasTweetup@ilivetotravel @kirkcole

i miss Texas and miss my new pal, leah too! xoxo

Raul (@ilivetotravel)
Best experience in Twitter: it led to the #TexasTweetup last wkend in Austin – great to meet folks I’ve chatted w/ in Twitterland #nuts

during a post-#TexasTweetUp travel chat, raul had this to say. i agree, raul. so wonderful to put a real life face to the people i’ve grown to adore on Twitter. can’t wait for our next TweetUp!

anytime I am talking about travel, I get inspired. but yes#TexasTweetUp a few weeks ago #TTOT @ilivetotravel@LolaDiMarco @L_E_A_H

and kirk said the #TexasTweetUp weekend inspired him. me too! i really love getting to know other people & hear about what they are up to and their experiences. makes life so much richer! this is one of the BIG reasons i love to travel.

SO whats on the horizon for future TweetUps you may be wondering? none other that a #USTweetUpTour! there is talk of #BeerBaconBostonTweetUp in late April and #WindyCityTweetUp in May. stay tuned…we’ll be tweeting about it and would love ANY interested fellow travelers to JOIN US. the more the merrier!

adios for now until the next TweetUp

PS – for a play by play of our weekend adventures visit Leah Travels


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