4 letter words that spell TROUBLE

sassy, cheeky, awesome

4 letter words

meet leah (yes i corrupted her with a boa)


you know me ole lola*wink wink*

partners in crime – like thelma & louise – we were destined to meet & be friends!

it’s funny how friendship strikes.  sometimes it is truly like a lightening bolt and other times it’s a slow-growing metamorphosis like a caterpillar into butterfly. either way, if it grows into something mutually fulfilling, it is a beautiful thing. i have had the good fortune of a lightening bolt friendship recently! let me break it down…

  • lola & leah start travel blogging roughly at the same time – both become active on twitter. follow us @L_e_a_h & @loladimarco (at least WE think we are clever & funny)
  • lola & leah cross paths and have a common bond besides love of travel. (TEXAS. and then football. & then Texas Tech)
  • lola & leah have a similar silly sense of humor! this makes for fun dialog at any point in time. (thank the good lord for comic relief!)
  • lola & leah instigate a tweet-up & make a plan to meet. both are equally serious & committed. (not at all full of hot air)
  • lola & leah FINALLY meet. after instantaneous hugging, both realize we have enough shimmer, sparkle & sequins in our wardrobes to be spotted from outer space! (note: wear sunglasses when with us)
  • lola & leah realize this brightly colored sparkly wardrobe we each own is ALL from Jcrew. (major addiction)

Austin loves you too, leah...so does lola

  • lola & leah, during our weekend of adventures, find out that we both drive big ass SUV’s (lola = suburban, leah = escalade)

    texas pride mounted on lola's big ass suburban

  • lola & leah learn we both like big jangly jewels, loads of beauty products, enjoy good food and were both in a sorority. (duh..we ARE both texas girls!)

i love you too, Austin! (check out the big baubley necklace)

  • lola & leah sadly have to part ways but have been in touch daily ever since planning our world domination one small city at a time. (WhaaWhaaWhaaaaa) AND coordinating Jcrew sales (let’s be real)

mulling over our master plans

in all seriousness – i have made a new dear friend for life and i have my adventurous traveling spirit to thank…AND LEAH’S! thank you leah!! look out WORLD…we are plotting & coming after you with a vengeance.  (something akin to laverne & shirley) 🙂

ps: we have so much in common that when you google our real life names you’ll find porn stars share our name.  in my mind, they are fast friends with each other too! (haha)


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One response to “4 letter words that spell TROUBLE

  1. I love this post more than the extra 40% off sale items email from J Crew! This post makes me laugh more than the bridal store scene in Bridesmaids. And finally, this post fills my heart more than seeing those SPCA commercials on TV. Lola and Leah are taking on the world one trip at a time!

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