she wore a raspberry beret!

ooh lala lola

if you read my blog often enough you know that my trips are usually quick jaunts here & there. my getaway to France and Monaco was no different. you probably also know that lola likes her props…ie “the boa”.

when i started putting together my trip plans for France i decided i would need a beret (and hopefully a pink one) in order to really get into the French spirit. BUT i didn’t have time to go search this out. i needed to hit the ground running. plus, i thought it would be a fun exercise to see how much i could get the Four Seasons Provence concierge to do for me in advance of my arrival. BOY did they ever rise to the challenge! here’s what happened:

i asked via email about getting a beret to which i was told a nearby village had a store where i could get one. since this was the very same village where i’d be having dinner my first night in Provence, i figured it would be easy enough to pick up myself. next, the Four Seasons Provence concierge followed up with the store and apparently they were no longer carrying “proper berets”. this put the concierge on a mission to search high and low to find the nearest beret store and did indeed find one in Cannes (about 30 or so minutes from the resort). obviously, this wasn’t really convenient for me to obtain so the concierge personally went and fetched it for me and i had it perched on my little head less then 30 minutes after arriving at the Four Season Provence. how is that for service and making this girl’s French dreams come true?! 

MERCI BEAUCOUP, jean-jacques yonnet, for all of your effort!!! i love my beret AND, as it turns out, Provence was unseasonably cold so i needed it and wore it faithfully every day!



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3 responses to “she wore a raspberry beret!

  1. That was so sweet of the hotel and the concierge! Lola couldn’t be expected to do France properly without a pink beret!

  2. Wow – that concierge has taken it to the next level! Awesome! So much fun too! Sounds like a brilliant trip.

    • It was truly an unbelievable experience to be so well attended to! I will love that beret & memory for a long time to come. AND I think it’s experiences like this that make traveling so special!!

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