Monaco DO & Monaco DON’T

when i think of Monaco, i think glitz, glam, royalty and James Bond

gentlemen, start your engines!

while i found the little city-state clean & pretty, i also found it feeling quite manufactured & fake. february is low-season and i am sure Monaco is more exciting when it’s high-season BUT, even still, Monaco was a disappointment. don’t get me wrong, lola had fun…i have fun wherever i go. AND i feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to discover first-hand that Monaco isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

casino NOT royale!

let’s start with the vision of James Bond and the casino. of course, the building is beautiful and who couldn’t appreciate that?! BUT when you imagine a casino in Monaco, you think of something grand. it was tiny and most games were electronic – bleck. it was practically deserted and like walking into a nursing home. i was the only one wearing sequins – all else had on hoodies and sneakers. sorry Monaco…Vegas has you beat by a long-shot, a thousand times over!

built into the mountainside - Monaco has slowly 'reclaimed' land from the sea to increase its territory

i did take a little bus tour to see the tiny principality. Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world next to the Vatican.

beautiful little orange trees line the streets

Monaco's castle

i’m glad i had the chance to see Monaco but don’t feel the need to ever go back UNLESS it’s for the Monaco Grand Prix! OMG the cars & that race would be worth the trip. this is the glitz and glam that does exist in Monaco!

ooo lala - fast cars

yummy ferrari

this is how i "rolls-royce"

bottom-line, Monaco is at least double the cost of France. my advice: go visit for the day but cross the country line back to France for dinner, drinks & dessert. unless, of course, you have a sugar daddy (or mama) 😉



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7 responses to “Monaco DO & Monaco DON’T

  1. You’re not the first person to state they didn’t fall in love with Monaco! So I’m actually not surprised.

    Also, we don’t all have to like everywhere we go. Bottom line.

    Lastly, HECK YES I endorse anyone going to France for any reason 🙂 Even if just to avoid the high[er] prices of Monaco.

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  3. You’ve dashed my bucket list dream of playing blackjack in Monte Carlo! Ugh! Perhaps I’ll keep it on there and do as you say and just go for the day.

  4. I really love how candid your review is. I’m glad you said something about the casinos because yes, heck, I’m a big 007 fan and would have gone. I’m all for glitz and glamor to a point but give me Nature every time.

  5. Hey we were just talking about this 🙂 I totally agree. Pretty place, but historically not-that-cool.

  6. Appreciate the advice, I’ve been interested in seeing Monaco. Good to know that the country is only day-worthy, or at the most one night. And yes, as you mentioned the size thing, <2sqkm. But the population is around 17,000ppl/sqkm! That's almost 4x as much as their closest competition, Gibraltar… so where was everyone? Maybe the place just doesn't shine until the sun goes down…?

    • hey derek! it was low season so very quiet. a cab driver said everyone takes off in early november and comes back late march or april. i’m sure it would seem more buzz-worthy with people hopping around!

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