flirty fun in France & Monaco


if you follow my blog you know that lola has a certain je ne sais quoi. let me be clear, my time in France and Monaco proved they too were willing to be influenced by the lola factor. those along the Riviera were quite eager to be lolafied. i guess it was really the low-season 😉

lola served up on a silver platter

lola requested that difficult pink beret – a request more than sufficiently met! then i proceeded to wear the beret everywhere, which the French folk seemed to enjoy.

look at petit lola being a little saucy tart

one evening, lola brought out petit lola (aka my little mascot Barbie) to dinner and after dinner drinks only to be flirted with by many a cute man.

birthday buddies - max & lola

AND real-life lola wore out my boa on my birthday. by that evening’s end, i had many, oh so many, a man donning a boa feather here and there (ears, lapels, pocket feathers.) it was really quite a surprise, to be honest, how much those men adored the boa!

oh yeah...he WAS lolafied!

either France and Monaco have a spirit about them that totally identifies with lola or people really just needed to get outside of their usual routines. whatever it was, the embracing of lola and her silly sassiness made this trip and birthday extra EXTRA special.

i love the idea of lolafying a place – wouldn’t you?! my feathers floated all around Monaco for a good 24 hours at least. AND it’s been reported that i was missed once i was gone. locals lola met have confessed they are missing lola’s je ne sais quoi!

my lovely bartender crush in provence



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4 responses to “flirty fun in France & Monaco

  1. hey thanks keane. maybe you’ll meet lola on your travels one of these days!

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