hollywood or hollywon’t?!

welcome to Hollywood! what’s your dream?

the boa in the city of angels

i’m going Holly’would’ ALL the WAY, baby! 😉

lola quite enjoyed her time in Beverly Hills.  let me just say, if you have the choice, choose this! OMG, i don’t love LA but i could live in Beverly Hills quite happily. i’ll start with the Beverly Wilshire. it’s old school Hollywood glamorous! the building itself is gorgeous and a landmark worth visiting just to see it. the staff was amazing – waiting on me hand & foot – making sure i was satisfied. you know how lola loves the great customer service and attention!!

the beautiful Beverly Wilshire hotel

the whole “hood” of Beverly Hills is spectacular. who couldn’t be wooed by Rodeo Drive and all the beautiful boutique stores? or the expensive, fancy, fast cars parked along the palm-tree-lined streets? everything is perfectly groomed and very clean. it is sooo posh – i could have just died and gone to heaven!

super swanky Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills Bugatti - the most pricey car in the world

i quite enjoyed my little LA tour complete with a visit to Grauman’s Chinese & Kodak theaters. it may be totally touristy but it was fun to find some of my favorite stars hand and foot prints in the cement as well as their stars on the side walk of Hollywood Boulevard. the whole area seemed to be buzzing about the Oscars happening just one week after my visit.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Ms. Paltrow's star!

my Hollywood crush - Johnny Depp

i got a kick out of getting close up to the Hollywood sign too. boy, driving up those winding roads was something else! it was interesting to learn the history of the sign (it was just an advertisement for land being sold to build homes) and how Hugh Hefner saved the sign by recently buying up all the land where the sign sits so that it cannot be developed. awww, that Hef is such a softie!

you can find every food imaginable at the farmers market

i also discovered some yummy foodie places and the 3rd & Fairfax Farmers Market – nom, nom, nom for eyes, nose, ears &  belly! in Bev Hills, i recommend Taberna for delicious Mexican (and that’s coming from a native Texan) 😉 AND The Farm of Beverly Hills was fantastic for breakfast (it didn’t hurt to have a star sighting of David Spade while eating my omelette)!

lola loves Beverly Hills!

to be honest with you, there really wasn’t anything that was hollywon’t. well…maybe the terrible LA traffic on the way to the airport but that’s it. looking forward to returning in May, Beverly Wilshire in the ritzy Beverly Hills, it’s the only way to stay! definitely lola-approved!!



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2 responses to “hollywood or hollywon’t?!

  1. I hear ya’ on not loving LA, but really liking BH. I’m glad you had fun and the Reg-Bev-Wil treated Lola as she should be. Oh, by the way, can you believe I’ve seen a Bugatti in Ft. Davis, Texas? LOL…It belonged to a Midland oil man. Ha!

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