lola’s airline allstar

lola has a secret admirer. well…maybe it’s more like a sugar daddy in the department of frequent flier miles. either way, lola was the benefactor of some good will on her Hawaii trip.

oooo FIRST class

lola’s FF sugar daddy was going to lose a tres fantastique upgrade if not used by February 29. sooo, this generous fellow gave the awesome upgrade to lola for her flight from Hawaii to LA. talk about a knight in shining armor moment! this gentleman has yet to even meet lola in the flesh but still insisted on sharing his great frequent flier perks with moi. on top of that, he had little details on my flight information but somehow still managed to switch it all up for me. this act of sweetness and follow through (i didn’t have to lift so much as a finger) makes me swoon! can i be seduced by airline upgrades? possibly!

yes, that's champagne before take off!

even though i almost NEVER fly fancy class, let’s be serious, it totally suits me. i mean, c’mon, being waited on hand & foot and wined & dined is SO lola’s speed.

yep, jeremy piven was flying first with me back to LA

flying amongst the rich and famous…i’m a high-class gal. maybe it’s for the best that i rarely fly first class so that i can appreciate the finer things when they’re presented to me. i DID truly appreciate my special 6 hour flight in fancy first. lola is one lucky girl, i’ll be the first to admit it!!

merci beaucoup, you lovely secret admirer frequent flier sugar daddy. you made my day!

XO – lola

*jeremy piven photo from chicago theater beat



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6 responses to “lola’s airline allstar

  1. mrsoaroundtheworld

    Incredible how you in America can pass on ‘upgrades’, but glad it works!!

  2. Isn’t it so wonderful when a lovely gentleman gives you his first class upgrade? I’ve had it happen a time or two as well. Jeremy Piven wasn’t involved, but wonderful none-the-less.

  3. it was so wonderful and thoughtful and fabulous and fancy and, and, and…

  4. You realize you called you-know-who a gentleman… 😉

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