somewhere over the rainbow – Kauai, Hawaii

aloha lola

Hawaii – is it worth the journey? well…I’ve always been a skeptic. i am fortunate enough to be so much closer to Europe and the Caribbean so i’ve poo pooed Hawaii. it is beautiful – YES. it has the comforts of the US but feels different than other states – YES. it’s a LOOONG way to go.

it’s not something i’ll be doing often. BUT i truly enjoyed my visit there this time. people really reaaaallly love it there and there must be a reason. for me, it was the tremendous pride i saw in the local people. their culture is special and unique to the United States. for that i am proud too. their history, folklore, dancing & story telling was fascinating.  here are some other likes and dislikes from my visit to the Aloha state!

things i loved:

the ocean

the surfers

the sunsets

things i didn’t love:

the expense

the food

the rain

Best of the Best: Waimea Canyon

the grand canyon of the pacific

Worst of the Worst: MAJOR flight delays & losing 3 full days traveling

Favorite Moment: being over a rainbow at the Nepali Coast

incredible to be over the rainbow!

Biggest Regret: not trying surfing

until next time – mahalo Hawaii!!!

XO – lola



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8 responses to “somewhere over the rainbow – Kauai, Hawaii

  1. I love Kauai. Did you take the hike to Hanakapi’ai Falls? I’ve been there numerous times — always something a little different to do. It is lush and quiet, which means not too many tourists go there. Hope it stays that way. July is a great month to visit. There are lots of activities including July 4th on Hanalei Beach, canoe races, and sandcastle contest.

  2. Ali

    I always thought the same…is it worth it to visit Hawaii? Being from Florida and so close to the islands, I didn’t know if Hawaii could compare. Sounds like it does!

  3. I definitely need to go there, even it is even farther to travel to from Europe. Your images are great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cute photo and nice outfit 😉

    The rain is definitely tough in Hawaii, but it has a nice warm, life-giving feeling that seems different from San Francisco at least! Glad you had a good time and (hopefully) didn’t have to experience mosquitos!


  5. It is such a long way for you to travel and still be in the USA. I’ve yet to visit, but really want to. Maybe we can try surfing together? 🙂

  6. fishandpoi

    Wow – your pictures are amazing. Looks like a fun time! Need more HI? Visit us and get your dosage! or find us on Facebook! 🙂

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