i have a dream!

did you know, i have a dream?

some of you do…some of you don’t. my dream is to travel and write fun & funny stories about the experiences i have through the eyes of a woman named LOLA. LOLA is a personality, a brand if you will, that people seem to be drawn to because who doesn’t want to have fun? who doesn’t want to have a laugh? life is FAR TOO SERIOUS sometimes and it’s nice to just be light and airy – NO?! in my dream, people enjoy LOLA and her writing so much that she is able to make a career out of her writing and brand. wouldn’t that be nice to have a BIG DREAM come true?

in order to continue to move MY DREAM forward, i set some goals for myself at the beginning of 2012:

  1. i will get published once a month somewhere else besides my own blog.
  2. i will diversify where i write so i show that i can adapt to different styles.
  3. i will build a real website to be more professional.
  4. i will call myself a travel writer because if i can’t who can?
  5. i will go to conferences to learn more about the trade.
  6. i will network with people that are influencers in the space.
  7. i will take on challenges that will put me outside my comfort zone.

it’s mid-april and so far so good, LOLA. i so appreciate the support of those who encourage me and are proud of what i’m doing. it is HARD to start something new and attempt to be good at it. i truly love traveling – the world is a wonderful, wonderful place with so many interesting people in it. i am so happy to have the opportunity to cross paths with new people and see new places and then return home to write about the things that i’ve experienced and learned. THANK YOU!

i hope i never stop traveling. i hope i never stop learning. i hope i never stop making new friends. i hope i never stop writing. i hope i never stop dreaming!

happy DREAMS & TRAVELS to you! XO – lola



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8 responses to “i have a dream!

  1. Esther Vanier

    You go girl! I am so proud of all you do. Lola and Lauren are fantastic!

  2. thanks Esther! couldn’t do it without your support!! xo

  3. Nancy Rowse

    Love you Lola! You keep going for that dream. You are well on your way. I love hearing of all your adventures and think you have a great way of writing your adventures so that everyone wishes they were there too! Keep your spunk, your zest for life and your passion for travel. xoxo

  4. thanks Nancy! spunk, zest, passion = LOLA all the way! i love to share my adventures and appreciate that you enjoy reading about them!! xo

  5. I like your State of the Lola Union address. I love how you’ve decided on what you want to do and are actually making it happen. So many people are too chicken to step outside of their comfort zone to try something different. My dear, Lauren, you are a square peg living in a round hole world. That’s exactly what I love about you. Don’t ever cut off your lovely corners to try to fit in to someone else’s idea of what is “right.” You’re far to original and special to do something common. Keep exploring the world knowing that you have an entire community of people cheering you on.

    • all i can say is, Leah, i LOVE you. you are the best cheerleader a gal could hope for and i’m so grateful that my dreams brought your friendship into my life! xoxo

  6. You’re an inspiration! We all need to remember to follow our dreams.

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