2011 was dedicated to travels here, there and everywhere and the fun i find along the way.  things haven’t changed for 2012 except that i hope to push my exploration to new limits and go places i haven’t been before. i don’t have a lot of time when i get away, usually just 3 or 4 days, so i want to get the most out of my time.  as most travelers, i like to learn about the place i’m visiting and what it’s best known for.

i believe in the saying “when in rome, do as the romans do” so i try to find unique experiences to make my trip more memorable.  if you aren’t broadening your horizons and having fun – what exactly are you doing anyway?!

a recent contributor to huffington post/aol travel & traveldudes.org you can also find some of my travel stories and tips there or follow me on Twitter 


12 responses to “About

  1. Tracy

    So fun and informative!!

  2. Joanna Brown

    Barbie meets crazy adventuror? Thank you, yes!

  3. Lara W

    Yo Lola,

    I can attest to traveling with Lola is fun. Did Miami with her twice and now the Vineyard this weekend. She researches and takes me to the best places.

    Love You! Lola

  4. Esther Vanier

    Lola, you rock! You’re almost like my American Express card…just don’t want to leave home without you!

  5. Lola, you are so awesome! 🙂

  6. great blog lola, going to spend some time reading more

  7. Greetings From this Curacao Lady!…(thnx for sharing your adventures)

  8. Van

    What fun it is to see these destinations through your eyes….and words! Makes me wish I could shed some years and travel
    with you. But knowing you has been a glorious trip in itself – for that gift I am eternally grateful. All my love, Mom

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