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te amo Miami

big surprise, i know. heading back to my happy place today. can’t wait…here’s a preview of my love, my Miami!

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i love you, Miami

hello my beauty

WHY DO I LOVE MIAMI? there are so many reasons. sure, it’s a fun in the sun kind of place. that, and it’s a short flight to what seems drastically DIFFERENT from where i live. it’s a lot WARMER most of the time & it’s beaches are much PRETTIER all of the time. i completely adore the INTERNATIONAL vibe and the people watching is truly FANTASTIC. i love THE SCENE – the beach scene, the pool scene, the shopping scene! and the overall attitude of being HAPPY and LAID BACK. then there’s the food, cocktails & music which are all DIVINE. the list goes on & on…

but this is why i really LOVE Miami.

it’s a place where-

people drive awesome PINK cars

it’s a place where-

it's okay to lounge on FUR throws in public

or snuggle up and declare you're HOME

it’s a place where-

it's not the least bit odd to don a PINK BOA on the beach

it’s a place where-

even the nightlife is enjoyed OUTSIDE

it’s a place where-

it's easy to make NEW FRIENDS who will dance with you despite your ridiculous DANCE MOVES

it’s a place where-

i feel very comfortable in my OWN skin

I LOVE YOU, MIAMI! and i love that you love me right back!


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you make-a my dreams come true – yooouu!

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staying, eating, surfing…

gansevoort plunge rooftop pool - you can enjoy without being a guest of the hotel


this visit i stayed at the gansevoort – which seemed like college spring break central.  while the customer service was excellent – every time something broke in the hotel or room it was attended to immediately – it was AWFUL that EVERYTHING kept breaking.  ie – no elevators operating, no cold water, no water at all, no toilets working.  the best feature of this hotel is their rooftop pool…beautiful!  but difficult to get to when the elevator is broken or you have to wait in a 30+ person line despite being a hotel guest – they opened the pool privileges to the public.  not impressed!

barton g - hooked on swordfish yummy! i especially loved it because it was served on a pirate sword! ARG!!

and because we enjoyed playing with the props - they brought us a GIANT fork - what fun!


  • this visit i definitely dined well.  starting with sra. martinez located at 4000 NE 2nd Ave – in the design district. oh my gosh – off the beaten path of SOBE but sooo worth the trip.  i had the BUENAVISTA cocktail – yum! i’d also recommend: bacon wrapped dates, crispy artichokes & paella. you may want to consider the chef’s tasting menu…well worth the $65 investment. cross your fingers that sasha is your server – fabulous!
  • barton g. located at 1427 west ave (lincoln rd & alton) was amazing as well.  they do a little “play on the name” of their dishes.  i had the ‘hooked on swordfish’ (get it? – see picture above) so much FUN and very very good. also highly recommended: coconut crusted voodoo shrimp, mouse trap lobster mac & cheese and mahi mahi.  off the cocktail menu – cody’s mojito was delicious!
  • prime 112 located at 112 ocean drive & 1st st. was also nice – the service was excellent but it was a MAJOR scene. props for them that they carried my favorite rum – goslings – which is strangely difficult to find in South Beach. of course we had steak but the standouts were the signature prime 112 chopped salad and the tuna sliders.  the chopped salad alone could be a meal for 3.


unfortunately the waves weren’t with us this visit.  there were no swells until sunday and so were unable to surf due to being too close to our departure time. next visit marcello!  i love ezridesurfschool!

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cabana-ing, shopping, clubbing

cabana day at the delano

cmon...does it get any better than this?!!


after a couple of days of hanging with the college kids, the sophisticated Delano was dreamy and a breath of fresh air. i booked a day cabana – which alone is worth every penny – but comes with many perks and privileges that only hotel guests enjoy. i had the best bloody mary ever upon arrival and almost every hour the staff bring by little treats for you such as frozen berries or better yet frozen rum slushies. DIVINE! we also indulged in half hour massages in a private cabana by the pool. between people watching, amazing ‘you are the most important person in the world’ service and constant laughter – this was the BEST DAY EVER! so good that we had to return that evening after freshening up to have cocktails poolside in the perfect evening air. shout outs go to sam, granville, soledad & mario who make us all feel like a million bucks.


as i have mentioned before, warm weather destinations are the BEST for swimsuit shopping. i had scoped out a new place to try – Bikini Beach near the Ritz Hotel – they were listed in the recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit addition so i had high hopes. sadly, this was a huge disappointment…don’t waste your precious beach/pool time! go straight to Runway Swimwear at 1625 collins ave. not only is the selection amazing – never has swimsuit shopping been so fun. the ladies that work there are able to size you up as to what will fit and look best.

TRIP TIP – another not to be missed shopping destination in Miami is So Good Jewelry at 532 lincoln road. pack your cute summery dresses but leave your costume jewelry at home ladies. go have some fun at So Good completing your outfit. remember in Miami where jewelry is concerned – more is more! So Good has a HUGE selection and it’s really inexpensive. i got the cutest bracelet on my february visit to Miami and then saw the very same bracelet while in Vegas for three times the price! i like to say “So Good is soooo good”!!


so as suspected…the club scene was a bit more hard-core than usual given Ultra. we managed to get on the list to the Florida Room one evening and popped into Louis Bar/Lounge late night one evening for one last dance. Ultra dj’s really weren’t our scene so we weren’t disappointed with the lack of club visits this trip. the hotel lobby and outdoor bar scene is so good – it’s hard to top! we enjoyed time at the W hotel & Shore Club but the top of our list and most of our time was spent at the various bars of the wonderful Delano. cannot say enough great things about this amazing hotel!!

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Late March – get ready Miami…here she comes – AGAIN!

on the docket:

staying – Gansevoort Miami Beach – a sweet suite booked through www.southbeachluxuryhotels.com

eating – sra. martinez, barton g, prime 112, mr. chow – all booked through opentable.com – will report back with thoughts.

surfing – AGAIN! because i want to learn – OK, OK

cabana-ing – AGAIN! because why wouldn’t you???

shopping – some usual haunts as well as in search of the oh-so-sexy sport illustrated bikinis just in the march issue.  have a lead on a good place – bikini beach on lincoln road – stay tuned.

clubbinglouis bar/lounge and set nightclub are on the agenda but this week could be tricky…ultra music festival…good or bad – i’ll letcha know!

tempting – deal i came across…ideeli miami VIP experience.  the boat cruise was the most appealing but i have to say these deals are a bit “luck of the draw”…would be fantastic to have leads on what to do any time you take a trip to a special destination.

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